So Many Concert Tickets, So Much Fees

I think eTix has the lowest ticket fee at $9.15. I share quick breakdown of some of the fees various ticket sellers and even venues charge. Plus some shows I am going to.

Been buying so many concert tickets it is hard to keep track of them all. Good thing is that they are not all Ticketmaster… although Ticketmaster does integrate well with Google Wallet. Ticketmaster, eTix, See, Eventbright… some have apps, others email, some you can print out. Too bad we can’t just go to Dimple or Tower and buy actual tickets for face value without the service fees.

Due to the service fee(s), normally I don’t bother buying tickets. However, lately it seems that shows in the Sacramento area have suddenly become popular events. I failed to buy a ticket for the Black Flag show at Goldfields last December 30th, 2023. I was informed it sold-out while I was trying to buy a ticket at the door… At least I could stand outside and hear Mike Vallely yell like Henry Rollins and Keith Morris. I had more fun seeing the Circle Jerks, Descendents, and Scowl in November last year at Ace of Spades. They did two shows and both sold out. Scowl was sick! Check out the video below.

Scowl performing Opening Night at Ace of Spades, 11/03/2023

I forgot to share the facts about the ticket and venue service fees. So eTix is by far the best value at only charging an additional $9.15 to the ticket face value. As far as I can tell, Harlow’s did not add an additional fee. See Tickets charged $8.06 for the Helmet show and Goldfields added an additional $14.00 facilities fee. Good ol Ticketmaster blaster charged $13.00 per ticket so $26.00 for two. SeatGeek (by way of Ticketmaster) tacked on a whopping $26.97 each so $53.94 for two (yikes)!

Anyways. It’s going to be fun. Check out what I am going to so far.

On the maybe list is the Mission UK and Nuovo Testamento at Harlow’s in May (Monday night).

The Mission UK with Nuovo Testamento at Harlows Monday May 6, 2024
The Mission UK with Nuovo Testamento at Harlows Monday May 6, 2024

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